Jared "anomaly" Simmons

Jared "anomaly" Simmons was a previous Combat Arms player who went on to become a professional Counter-strike: Global Offensive player. During his time playing Combat Arms, anomaly was part of several prominent North American competitive teams. Most notably, however, was Righteous Dawn, where he spent a large amount of time with the organization. Eventually, anomaly left and was one of the core creators of the team cDz, another prominent North American team. He no longer actively plays the game.

Transition to Professional CS:GO

After leaving Combat Arms, anomaly spent time in the Open division of ESEA, the top North American competitive league for Counter-strike: Global Offensive. After creating a team with four close friends, anomaly found himself playing for Righteous Dawn again, as the organization picked up the team. He captained the new RD squad and the team became semi-pro, competing in ESEA's Intermediate division. With notable members such as Catherine "CAth" Leroux, a member of the 2015 ESWC Women's CS:GO Championship squad, members of the team started to become noticed and were recruited to top tier competitive teams in North American Counter-strike, including anomaly himself. After the collapse of Righteous Dawn, anomaly joined Tempo Gaming, gaining his professional status in the Premier league of ESEA. After great success in the Premier division, Tempo Storm was acquired by Enemy Esports, one of the top organizations in League of Legends teams during the time period. Enemy became one of the top names in North American CS:GO, upsetting the scenes top North American teams and European teams in international. Eventually, anomaly was moved to a back-up position and ultimately retired from professional CS:GO.