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Welcome to Combat Arms Competitive Wiki! This site is dedicated to providing information about the competitive scene in the online, free-to-play FPS known as Combat Arms. Here you can find information on notable leagues, teams, and players both past and present.

About Combat Arms

Combat Arms is a free-to-play online first-person shooter created by Nexon in 2008. Since its inception, Combat Arms has gone through a few major updates, the most recent being in July 2017. The game went through a major overhaul that included balancing weapons, making the game a true "free-to-play" shooter, and introducing a ranked matchmaking and clan matchmaking system into the game The ranked system has brought more people interested in the competitive scene and the need for information regarding it's history.

The Sale of Combat Arms

In late 2017, Nexon announced the sale of Combat Arms to the game company VALOFE, creators of Atlantica Online. They said that they could no longer provide Combat Arms with the direction it needed and were looking for a new company to give it a fresh start. Many of the old competitive Combat Arms players are waiting to see if VALOFE will foster the competitive side of the game. The game may be more popular in the competitive free-to-play FPS scene than ever! Stay tuned for more updates!

Posting on Combat Arms Competitive Wiki

Everyone is welcome to post on the Combat Arms Competitive Wiki! We encourage you to share your knowledge about the competitive side of Combat Arms. However, every article posted or edit made will be fact-checked so make sure to post references! Only players with notable tournament history or tournament winnings will be included in any player sections.

Latest activity

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