Cyber-Gaming League (C-GL)

The Cyber-Gaming League, abbreviated C-GL, was created to host Combat Arms leagues and tournaments in the North American region after the closure of the World Online Gaming League (WOGL). The league had such great success in terms of participation in the first season that a number of higher profile sponsors took notice, giving the league the financial support and sponsor influence to help the competitive side of Combat Arms grow. With the introduction of the second season, Invite and Open divisions were announced due to the new influx of players. The invite division boasted a $2,000 prize for first place, the largest cash prize in the North American region at the time.

Closure of C-GL

After the success of the league's first season creator, admins, and moderators who also wanted to compete, conflicts of interest rose and people began to question the stability of the C-GL. This reached the pinnacle when the league's founder and owner was caught bypassing the anti-cheat with a backdoor that was coded into the program for him. During a livestream, he was caught adjusting his hacks and thus, the entire community discredited the league and it damaged the reputation of competitive Combat Arms. In a message to the public, the founder announced the league would close its doors after the end of the second season.

Tournament Results

Season Winner Runner-up
Season 1 DevGru Euphoria
Season 2 Open -inSight [1] PlST [1]
Season 2 Invite pG [2] cDz [2]


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