Evan "Ferrite" Gates was a competitive Combat Arms player for Righteous Dawn. Known for his high fragging and consistent aim, he was an essential part of Righteous Dawn's roster in the early days of competition. Ferrite was recognized for his M4A1 gameplay when it was uncommon to use anything other than a G36. When the two played together, Ferrite and Kolgarr were known for their insane clutching and dominate game play. In a community poll ranking top pairs in the competitive scene, the Kolgarr/Ferrite pairing was consistently named as the top duo to ever play the game.

During WOGL Season 3, he took over leading the team while Kolgarr was having computer problems. During that time period, he led Righteous Dawn to a 2nd place finish in the Nexon sponsored Death March Tournament[1] and a 2nd place finish in WOGL Season 3. He also participated in Righteous Dawn's first season of WOGL, the 1st place MLG Gamebattles ladder finish, and the Global Warfighter National Championship.

In 2011, Ferrite stopped playing Combat Arms competitively to attend school and has not played the game since.

Placing Tournament Team
7th/8th WOGL Season 1 Righteous Dawn
2nd WOGL Season 3 Righteous Dawn
2nd Nexon Death March Tournament Righteous Dawn
1st MLG Gamebattles Season 1 Righteous Dawn
1st Global Warfighter Premier League Righteous Dawn/Glow Gaming

Personal Life

Ferrite was born in Seattle, Washington. He went to college at Western Washington University and received a Bachelors in Physics and a Masters in Math. He is currently attending University of Texas Houston at the MD Anderson Cancer center to receive his Doctorate in Medical Physics.


  • Evan is an avid soccer fan and plays in rec league games
  • Evan attended Major League Gaming Anaheim 2014 as a team manager