Global Warfighter (GWF)

Global Warfighter is a now defunct league that hosted tournaments, ladders, and leagues for many different games. Its emphasis was on FPS titles, with a large focus on Call of Duty other big name competitive shooters. Global Warfighter picked up Combat Arms for various different competitive outlets including 1v1 ladders, 2v2 eliminations, and the Global Warfighter Premier League, a 5v5 SnD League. The Premier League only lasted one season, but it was a league with a cash prize pool, which made it considered a major tournament. Additionally, it was open to all North American teams, making it a National Championship due to its major status.

Season One

The Global Warfighter Premier League's only season started out with 16 teams, including two teams from the WOGL scene: a Righteous Dawn mix with Glow Gaming and B.E.B. Righteous Dawn/Glow was running a mixture with half of its line-up amidst ringers and breezed through the competition. However, the two favorites were put on the same side of the bracket and when B.E.B handily dispatched of all of their opponents, the teams met in the semi finals. The game between the two powerhouses was a close one, with Righteous Dawn/Glow Gaming coming out on top 10-8.


After Righteous Dawn/Glow Gaming's victory over B.E.B, drama ensued. B.E.B claimed that Glow Gaming paid Kolgarr and Ferrite to help them win, which was against the rules. Since there was no evidence, the league organizers decided that the two teams were temporary disqualified, pending the results of the other semi final match. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, the other semi final was never played out and the other two teams were disqualified as well. After a discussion between the two teams and the league administration, evidence was provided that found that Glow Gaming did not pay anyone for their help. Thus Righteous Dawn/Glow Gaming won season one of the Global Warfighter and became National Champions.

Season Winner Runner-up
Global Warfighter Season One National Championships Righteous Dawn/Glow Gaming B.E.B