Tyler "TeePee" Polchow is a world-renowned Call of Duty player that started playing Combat Arms before he made the switch to the incredibly successful FPS. TeePee first started playing Combat Arms in late 2008 and was picked up by VerTu. Though not a part of the main line-up, he made many appearances in competitive matches and helped the team with two championships during his tenure. Along with his other well-known teammate Trick2G, he competed in the first three seasons of WOGL Search and Destroy and Capture the Flag. TeePee has a very passive playstyle but was an extremely successful support player. He quit the game in 2010 and switched to Call of Duty full-time where he was long known as "the most winningest player in Call of Duty history". Though he no longer plays Call of Duty professional, he works as a caster and analyst in the competitive Call of Duty scene, as well as the coach for Optic Gaming.

Tournament Placings

  • 2nd WOGL Season 1
  • 1st WOGL Season 2
  • 1st WOGL Season 3
  • 1st Death March Tournament