Tim "Trick2G" Foley is a world-renowned streamer known for his entertaining game play. Though known for League of Legends, Trick2G played Combat Arms before switching over to the incredibly successful MOBA. He first started playing Combat Arms in 2008 and, after being picked up by VerTu, competed in the first three seasons of WOGL Search and Destroy and Capture the Flag. Trick was often known to play a "trolling" play style that involved hiding and knifing opponents whenever possible. He made YouTube videos of comedic instances and was known as the "Game-changer". Trick2G retired from Combat Arms in 2010 and switched to League of Legends. He has not been known to play the game since. Trick2G now owns a competitive League of Legends team and is one of the most watched streamers on

Tournament Placings

  • 2nd WOGL Season 1
  • 1st WOGL Season 2
  • 1st WOGL Season 3
  • 1st Death March Tournament