World Online Gaming League (WOGL)

The World Online Gaming League was formed in October of 2008 to provide a structured league for the new free-to-play FPS game, Combat Arms. The league included an anti-cheat and was set up in a season format, playing weekly matches with top seeds going into a playoff bracket. Most matches were held on Sunday, however teams were able to negotiate times to work best for both teams. Despite not having the support of the game's creator, Nexon, the league was the most successful in the game's history. The league also hosted a tournament called the Death March Tournament, which featured Elimination Pro gameplay and no rules on gearsets. Due to the extremely unpopular decision, it was the only no-rules gearset tournament ever hosted.

Additional Games

With the success of WOGL's Combat Arms division and the growth the esports, the league supported more games with tournaments and seasons. Some of these games included Alliance of Valiant Arms (AvA), Crossfire, and Smite. At Smite's release, WOGL was the premier league for the game until WOGL's closure in 2014. Additionally, the league sent three players to compete in the IeSF's Crossfire tournament in Korea.

Tournament Winners

Below are a list of the season winners and runner-ups for the North American Combat Arms Search and Destroy league. WOGL hosted Capture the Flag seasons as well, though they were not as popular.

Season Winner Runner-up
1 e7 Gaming VerTu
2 VerTu AbstracT
3 WOGL-P VerTu B.E.B
3 WOGL-O Is An Elephant Righteous Dawn
4 IceNine Xeronate
5 WOGL-P Righteous Dawn Signed
6 DevGru Defile